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Mar. 2, 2015
After a rocky start Big Red started off the conference play with a convincing win over Depaw. The offense started off slowly scoring twice in the first quarter while taking 14 shots. In the second quarter, the accuracy improved and they scored 8 goals on 21 shots. Game Recap.


Feb. 28, 2015
Following a record 2014 season that included 5 members of the Big Red earning All America honors and the graduation of several key players, one would expect this year to begin with a few bumps.  Sure enough, the Big Red is still finding its way after losing to W&L 11-5 and Roanoke 13-11.  The most notable issues at this point are ball possessions and quality offensive possessions:  opponents have picked up more ground balls and Denison's overall shooting (percentage and shots on goal) is below par.  Importantly, after losing 2 starters who were responsible for 145 points last year, the attack is still gelling.  This is putting pressure on the defense, where opponents are scoring 12 goals/game on 5with a 29% shooting percentage.  Game recaps.
Feb 19, 2015
As the 2015 season gets underway, Coach C and Drew Newman sat down with Denison Sports Network. Here is a link to the video and some things for alumni to look out for in 2015. CLICK HERE for link
Denison's 60-year tradition of excellence was earned by the contributions of more than 700 players, 7 head coaches, and a number of assistant coaches and athletic trainers who, year after year, combined make the Big Red one of the best lacrosse programs in the country (a 70% winning percentage).
We celebrate its 60th Anniversary with the announcement of the greatest players in Big Red history, as voted by the members of the Denison Lacrosse Alumni from their selections of Denison's All Decade Teams.

Attack:  Andy John '84, Victor Maddux '97, Sean O'Brien '91
Midfield:  Steve Hettrich '98, Kevin Sullivan '03, Ethan Ewing '94, Frank Penninmpede '99, Mike Riehl '82, Dan Maude '09, Alex Nephew '97

Defense:  Dave Beaver '99, Brian Nicholas '99, Dave Breschi '86, Kurt Federer '05, Steve Garnett '97

Goalie:  Peter Royer '02, Alex Baruch '08
Attack:  Paul Doty '68, Ryan Berger '02, Ted Haynie '72, Matt Connell '96
Midfield:  Cliff Comfort '96, Dave Zillig '78, Lou Arp '77, Jay Dugan '86, Rod Korba '72, Dick Rieg '68

Defense:  Al Burnett '66, Joel Sewell '76, Tim Ross '78, Gerry Stacey '69

Goalie:  Bob Martin '69, Dave Wright '73
Attack:  Steve Nazaruk '73, John Beatson '67, Dave Baxter '81, Tom "Bomber" Bryan '90
Midfield:  Jon Staunton '02, TJ Minogue '99, Tom Riehl '85, Kent Galey '67, Brandon Gaines '76, Bill Free '68, Bill Mason '57

Defense:  Sean Weston '87, Jack Cornell '71, Bill Lewis '68

Goalie:  Bill Hall '86, Mark Jacobsen '95
Attack:  Henry Galleher '85, Chuck O'Connell '65, Mark Deering '76, Allen Petersen '77, Nate Hall '09
Midfield:  Dan Hans '75, Bob Keenan '68, Don McConnell '68, Bruce McClintock '64, Gary Becker '85

Defense:  Tim Butler '82, Taylor Nissi '08

Goalie:  Justin Smith '98, John Mutscheller '82, Bill Stephens '63, Rob Hereford '78
Selection criteria called for 3 attackmen, 6 midfielders, 3 defensemen and 2 goalies per team.  Additional players were listed in each position due to ties in voting. See selection criteria for more details.